VIRTUAL Howloween 2020: Nov 13 & 14 | PANDEMIC

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2020 In Review:

Wow. You all are amazing. We weren’t expecting more than maybe 100 people in the discord this year but we hit 208 (most at one time) with just under 250 total joins on the server. We wanted to bring some positivity to a very terrifying thing we’re all dealing with globally and even if our event is small, we think it was successful. Seeing you all having fun and hearing from some of you that this helped uplift your spirits and was a time to remember, is what we strive for.

This was our first year livestreaming with such complexity. Usually, we have one setup from the hotel but this year we had multiple setups in different locations all working in conjunction to make things work. A big thank you to PonyFest for lending us some of their equipment to make it happen, and to our stream team who, from completely different locations, kept us running!

Thank you to everyone who bought merch or supported us with a membership purchase this year as it helps us continue into the future!

This was also our first year with a public discord server. It was really cool to see everyone playing games, chatting, hanging out in VR, watching the stream, etc! Our plan is to keep the server up but in a limited capacity so stay tuned. A huge thank you to all our staff because without them, we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. It’s because of their hard work that Howl happens. The teams got really jumbled this year to adapt but everyone did a wonderful job! We appreciate every single one of you AND every single person who has offered to help but we couldn’t find a place for. Please offer again in the future!

Our Panelists, DJs, Vendors, etc put on a lot of wonderful content for the event and we cannot thank them enough for coping with the challenge that is virtual streamed events. Please check out the website/schedule and follow them! Some vendors even still have commissions open.

Thank you all!

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