Dealers Den

Vendor List

Table 1 Draconic 3D Table 2 SaberMOWtain .Inc
Table 3 Onix Angel Table 4 Su_Shii
Special Whovianart Shirts Table 5 Waffle Wishes
Table 6 Moozua Table 7 Revvi
Table 8 Animal of the Elements Table 9 ALLOSAUREX
Table 10 TeleKitnetic Table 11 SexyGarbage
Table 12 Dr Wildlife Table 13 Apoxon Industries
Table 14 Jenessa//Reika Table 15 DrFoxxButt
Table 16 Temrin @ WildElement Studios Table 17 Levviathan
Table 18 SpecterStudio Table 19 Lytlethelemur
Table 20 Asagurble Table 21 ZeNami Design
Table 22 Boycub Table 23 Kia Fursuits
Table 24 Keroberos9 and Soaring Corgi Table 25 Meow Wares and Gobiton Studios

Hours of Operation

  • Friday: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Vendors setup time starts 1 hour before scheduled opening time.

All setups must be taken down by 6pm on Sunday.

Dealers Den Application Info

Please note: Vendors from outside of Canada should also make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada. (There are no temporary business license requirements to sell in BC.)

Table Costs

Advance Booking

  • Weekend Booking – $85

At Event (Subject to availability, very few will be reserved for at-event requests)

  • Friday – $25 full day
  • Saturday – $40 full day, $25 half day
  • Sunday – $40, $25 half day

General Information

  • Table Size: 6’ x 24”. 1 table max, per vendor due to limited space.
  • The event does not guarantee Wi-Fi Service, but will make best efforts to provide. Please come prepared with a backup option if necessary.
  • Electricity is not guaranteed but we will attempt to provide. Please contact us about this.
  • If there are more applications than we have space for, tables spaces will be awarded by a committee.
  • Dealers Den is in a secured room, and will only be open to badge holders. Outside of dealers den hours and setup time you will not be able to access the room. If you forget something important in the room you can contact the dealers den lead, however there is no guarantee you will be able to access it before the next day.
  • While Dealers Den is open, please do not leave your wares unattended. We will not be held responsible if things go missing.
  • If you are booked for multiple days, you may leave your setup in the dealers den room. If you have booked for only one day you will be required to take down your setup no later than 30 minutes after closing time.
  • Please inform the dealers den lead if you are leaving or if you need to step away for a moment. If you leave your table for more than 30 mins without informing the lead, we will assume you have left, and will let a waitlisted person know a table is open.
  • Be sure to read our Code of Conduct
Art by Temrin

What Can I Sell?

  • Please only sell content you are legally allowed to sell in BC, Canada.
  • Pirated, copyright infringing works, etc. may be requested by staff to be taken down. If this is not adhered to, if we find repeat offenders, or if the offense is severe, you may be asked to leave without refund.
  • AI generated works are strictly prohibited.
  • Any material (pre-made or in the works) containing violent, gorey and/or sexually explicit depictions must not be accessible to minors, including literature. Common practice is to keep them in a binder and check government issued photo ID of anyone wishing to look through it. Convention badges are not proof of age in any way! Adult content inside binders should still have explicit portions censored in some fashion.
  • Food and drink are not permitted to be sold at Howl

Getting a table

Before the event (pre-reg)

  1. Register for the event.
  2. Submit your application.
  3. Wait for our email to confirm whether you have received a spot. If you do not receive a spot, you will be placed on a waitlist.
  4. Reply to the email to confirm your interest in taking your spot.
  5. At con, please pick up your registration badge.
    NOTE: If you have not yet paid for your registration, you will pay at-con reg prices at reg.
  6. Please pay cash for your table to the Dealers Den lead.

Applications have now closed.

At the event

  1. Register yourself for the event.
  2. Speak to the Dealers Den lead to see if/when space is available.
  3. Pay cash to the Dealers Den Lead


Can I still get a table at the event?
Yes, but space will be very limited. Depending on the number of pre-bookings only one table will be set aside for event slots, and any waitlisted vendors will get first priority for this space.

When can I apply?
Dealers Den applications are officially open! Be sure to read the rules below for information on hours, pricing, and most importantly how to apply for a table!
Applications will close on July 19th.

Dealers Den applications are now closed. We will have limited availability for single day tables at con.

How many tables will there be?
There will be 25 tables this year! This is more than we have ever had before, since we now have a bigger space!

Applications have now closed. Thanks to all who have applied!