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Howloween is run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for more helping hands for the event. Whether it be for the Art Team, Badge checkers, Registration, Load-in/Load-out, etc.

Ohh, and did we mention. If you volunteer 10 hours, your next years registration is completely free!

All hours are carried over to future years as well.

If you are interested please fill out the following:

16 years of age and under? A parent/guardian is required to attend and volunteer with you (they get a free badge) and must fill out our minor attendance form AND our minor volunteer form and have the first ready when registering/picking up badges at the event, the second when signing in to volunteer.

Staffing Needs

We are currently looking to fill positions in all departments.

  • Art Team
  • Board Games
  • Con Store
  • Dance Competition
  • Fursuit Lounge
  • Logistics Team
  • Operations Team
  • Photography
  • Programing Lead / Team
  • Rangers
  • Registration Team
  • Theming / Prop Team
  • Theater
  • General Volunteers